Just a little update :D

Hi everybody! 🙂

tara I have been a bit busy and havn’t made a post linking to the updates I have made. Sorry about that.
But quite a bit has happend on the site the last week!

Firstly issue 4 has been posted here and issue number 5 is here. I’m currently just finishing up my notes for issue number 6 and hope to get aleast two issue done in this week.

Profiles are up for Himerish/The Oracle, Orube and Mrs. Rudolph. Next up I will me making Vathek, Caleb, Cedric and Phobos.

In the test section I have made 3 new pages! There is a new test called Which element is yours? Next there is find the 9 flaws in Magical mistakes and lastly there is a Word search.

All collectibles the have now been uploaded and have gallerys of the stickers/cards. (thoses that where possible to scan)

In there gallery section there has also been a few updates. In covers, pin-ups and avatars a few more have been uploaded.



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