I have completed the following:
Witch – Sheffield (Sticker)
Witch – Pocket (Love book) (Sticker)
Witch – Trendy (Sticker)
Witch – Like We! (Sticker)
Witch – Le Futur en Poche (Cards)
Witch – Storybook (Sticker)
Witch – Magic Card Lenticulaire

First a picture of all my albums:


Here is a shot of all my boxes from hen I bought the stickers and some of my doubles:


First collection: Sheffield:

Pocket Love Book:


Trendy Style:


Witch Like We!


Le Futur en Poche:



Magic Card Lenticulaire (I have tried to take pictures so you could see the 3D effect)


Staks (not complete, I’m missing 25):


Danglers part 1(I want to get part 2 some day):

French porcelain figures:


Kinder figures:


Dangler set 2:










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