Danish books

This is my complete collection:


First this is the Danish version of the Adventure novels (the lowest two are combi books):


I have meet the author several times and had her sign them all (I only show you one):


This is the Crystal Birds series:


This is made by the same author as the Adventure novels and I had her sign these aswell:


Next is some other Scandinavian Witch novels:


I have gotten autographs from 3 of the 5 authors on these. I have from Cecilie Eken, Josefine Ottesen and Lene Møller Jørgensen:


These are the Danish version of the Guide books:


On this picture you see the 2 first books from the Danish version of the comic novelizations, All about Will and Irma (the last 3 never came here) and a Witch dictionary:


And finaly the books from the first picture which backs made out a picture of Irma. This is a collection of books that each have 4 of the original comics reprinted in them. 13 were published in Denmark I’m missing 2 one is on its way 😀


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