Danish comics

First, my regular Witch comics (1-114 + a saga with a reprint of the first 6 comics):


This is the first and the last Danish issue:


Here is a reprint of the first issue (was published with the regular comic around issue 88):


This is the original first perview of the comic in Danish:

Danish specials and activity booklets

This is the complete pile of my Danish specials:

Elyon special (one with Lene Kaaberboels autograph):

Sheffield (set up like a school newspaper) and Manga (Danish translation of the original Japanese manga) special:

Cornalia and Caleb Special and Dreams and secrets special:

Trich or treat (Halloween) and 2004 calendar special:

Tarot (the gift for this one was Tarot cards like on the cover) and Halloween special:

2005 Wall calendar special:

Fashion special:

Another Halloween special:

Top secret special:

Christmas special:

Party special:

Planet boys special:

Quiz special:

Sommer special:

Activity booklets:

This is the Danish version of Witch World. Here is was called “All about them” only 8 was published:


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