International comics

All the international comics I have so far:


First of is my 2 issues from the Netherlands (their frist issue was sort of a prototype therefore the different cover plus inside some of the picture are a bit different in the official first issue:


This is a Greek issue:


This one is from Turkey:


My French issues (some of these are combi books with several comics in them):


One Italian special and a French “special”:


These two are from Czech Republic:


One from Hungary:


Two issues from Finland:


This is a Spanish issue:

6 issues from China:


Two Swedish issues:


A small collection of German issued including one We issue:


One combi with the first 3 comics from Croatia:


The first italian issue and number 0 (preview):


Italian comics:


Italian specials:


Italian Cornelia and Caleb special:

Italian  Summer Style and Pianeta Boys:


Italian special – Tendenze 5 stili da Witch:


Italian special – 2001:


Small italian booklet from MCdonalds:


Italian special – Look book:


Italian – The unofficial Sheffield news paper:


Italian – W zone:


Italian Mangas:

Two portuguese specials:

The arabic numbers 40 & 60 (Remember to notice that in the arab countries they don’t show as much skin so the girls have been edited to have more clothes on some places 😀 ):

Number 72 and an arabic special:

And here is number 2 and 3 still arabic but in an english edition! :O (still with more body cover)

A british issue:


Another British one:

A fun thing! The other British issue I have (on the left) is number 33 and the new one I got (right) is number 34. Look and the format :O sooo different!!


Swedish issue:


Swedish issues:




Russian version of WElcome:






Polish version of WElcome:




Brazillian specials:




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