First we have the first DVD of the tv series and the official soundtrack:


Here the DVD box is shown in its pop-up version:


Next is some folders, booklets and a school calendar:


This is a collection for a Witch themed party!! 😀 (plates, door poster, card game, stickers, balloons, napkins, invitations, banner and a table cloth)


Here in Denmark there was published 4 board games with Witch:


This is a big random pile of different Witch stuff. Some is from the Danish magazines other from the Witch doll packs and the rest is just stuff I have gotten along the way 😀


A lanyard and an air mattress:


Lunch box and water flask:


All the bags I have. Most of these came with some of my dolls (I have two of the black ones):


And some jewllery/accessories:

Small plushies that came with the danish magazine:


A penholder, pencilcase, 2 notes, 2 pens (the feather is one):


More jewllery 😀


Some christmas ornamets, glitter and small tin box:


Makeup, small game of some sort and fingerrings:


Tarot cars, small calendar (my first Witch item ever!) and two diaries:


Lipglosh, We tamagotchi, We key ring and the heart! 😀


Notepads from the arabic comics:


A ruler with witch on it, the larger heart I just found in my old thing yesterday and the small heart was the gift for the small British issue. It’s soo adorable! 😀


We socks :

New Power necklace!

Two badges:


Another necklace:


We keyring:


The heart:




Witch dice:




A small We wallet:


Another bracelet:




Book bindings:




Bed sheets:


Drawer organizer:


Writing pad:



Alot of small gadgets! A photoalbum, small bag(was with one of the danish comics) christmas ornaments, small pearls, rulers, pensel sharpeners, christmas cards, rubber, a tin pensil case and a sticker despenser!


Lunch box:


A whole bunch of note pads, homework organizers, letters and a book for your friends to write in:


Photo albums:


Folders, binders and organizers:


A huge note pad, stickers for school books and postcards:


A regular deck of cards with Witch! 😀


Bags from Poland:


A good little pile of gadgets including stickers, chalk, dangler, fingerrings, badge and a pen:


Mobile stuff and a clock you can put together yourself 🙂


A portable radio mp3 thingy, jewlery and a lockbox:

And then some small binders for what the polish call kartezki (I think) 😀 just papers, stickers and notepads with witch on it! 😀 there a like 400 different ones of them I only got a little handfull! :O I MUST HAVE MORE!


A PC game with witch:


A polish game in polish of course, so I might never get to play it


Italian calendar from 2008:


Danish gadgets:


A diary and some stationery:


Gifts from the danish magazines. There are bracelets, a belt, chopsticks, earmuffs, a small frog purse, Christmas stocking, fake nails, bath soap and more 😀


Italian calendar 2003:


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