Will_04Hi guys! 😀

I have upgraded to a payed wordpress account and bought a new domain.

See you there!! 😀


The updates! :D

cornySo I fianlly have time to post what I have updated over the last months 😀

Firstly the issues following issues are online. Issue 6 and issue 7.

I have made som menu updates in on this aswell to make it easier for those of you who are on mobile devices. Now you can get to the issues from he different arcs (when they all get online) when just pressing coimcs.

These profiles are now online: Phobos, Vathek, Elyon & Caleb.

In the fun and games department there is a new Magical Mistakes and a new thing called Amazing Mazes

Under WITCH-Stuff I have added CDs and have started documenting the first one, Witch Soundtrack from the tv-series with info and lyrics.

I have added a few pages where there are photos from my personal collection: Danish Comics, Danish Books, International Comics, International Books, Collectibles, Merchandise & Dolls. I need to update these again! 😀 my collection has grown bigger.

New Covers in the gallery.

And that should be it for now 😀 I hope you enjoy!


Summer holiday! :D

Elyon02Hi everyone! 🙂

I have been soooooo busy the last months with exam and so on. I have gotten a bit more time on my hands so I should be able to make some more updates soon!

I have already made some but going to bed now so I’ll have to link you later 😀


Just a little update :D

Hi everybody! 🙂

tara I have been a bit busy and havn’t made a post linking to the updates I have made. Sorry about that.
But quite a bit has happend on the site the last week!

Firstly issue 4 has been posted here and issue number 5 is here. I’m currently just finishing up my notes for issue number 6 and hope to get aleast two issue done in this week.

Profiles are up for Himerish/The Oracle, Orube and Mrs. Rudolph. Next up I will me making Vathek, Caleb, Cedric and Phobos.

In the test section I have made 3 new pages! There is a new test called Which element is yours? Next there is find the 9 flaws in Magical mistakes and lastly there is a Word search.

All collectibles the have now been uploaded and have gallerys of the stickers/cards. (thoses that where possible to scan)

In there gallery section there has also been a few updates. In covers, pin-ups and avatars a few more have been uploaded.


First books done now stickers!

Hi again people 😀
Irma_01So I have finished all the books I have scanned. I still need to scan alot more but I would like to get some other stuff done aswell. You you want to read about some of the book here is the link.

I have begun to scan all my stickers and card collections for all of you to see. I have put up 3 so far right here.

I have made notes to Issue 4 and I’m getting ready to type it all in so I can upload it for you and there should be a new test up soon aswell 🙂


Books, books and more books!

Hi guys!

If you haven’t seen it issue 3 is online here!

Other than that I got another test up yesterday here and if you want to learn to tell the future with pebbles go here 🙂

Will_03Yesterday I got alot of scanning done aswell to prepare for all the work I’ll be doing the upcoming days. I plan on making discriptions for all the book I have here. I have started with just the first 18, all will be up soon. There will me the cold facts about them aswell as a snippet from each and of course pictures!

Other than that I got the stuff from issue 4 I needed scanned to make the page about that one. Now I just need to read it through 🙂



Another day some more pages done :D

Hi again guys! 😀


So I got a good pile of stuff done on the site today!

Here is the list
Just click the arrow to get directly to the site.

– Places (including Kandrakar, Heatherfield, Meridian, Sheffield Institute)  arrow

– Dictionary arrow

– More avatars arrow

– Collectibeles arrow

I have read Issue 3 and scanned the stuff I need to make the page about it. I hope I have time tomorrow to put it up ^^,



Hi guys 🙂

Hay_linI have been so busy with the blog that I forgot to tell you what has been updated.


From the top (just press the arrow if you want to go the page):

– Profiles on the girls families arrow
– Profile on Elyonarrow
– Issue number 2 – The Twelve Portalsarrow
– Test- Which is your magical place arrow
– Gallery – Pin-upsarrow
– Gallery – Coversarrow

Started re-reading :)

So today was a good day!

I have begun re-reading the comics. The first issue is already on th site with the fast facts, resume and more!
Be also sure to check out the first Witch-test – Are you a fairy or a witch?

I have finished taken notes to write about the second issue so that should be up very soon aswell 🙂