Issue 6: Illusions and Lies

Issue006Titel: Illusions and Lies
Original titel: D’illusioni e di bugie
Published: September, 2001
Pages: 84
Writing: Bruno Enna
Pencils: Paolo Campinoti
Ink: Marina Baggio, Roberta Zanotta



The people of Meridian now know of the portals and the guardians. They want away from the tyrant Phobos. He, the price, gives Cedric the mission to help the people through the portal, but to trick them all into thinking the guardians as the enemy in the process.

In hHeatherfield Will struggles in school. This is not helped by Cedric posing as the history teacher Mr. Collins. He gives her a huge pile of homework on the middle ages.  All Will really want to do is practice swimming with her coach Vera.

Meanwhile Rudolph is back in Heatherfield and wants to talk to the girls. The four of them try to contact Will but Elyon posing as Vera has fried her phone.

Rudolph tells the girls of Phobos plan to bring the Meridian people through the portal. To stop this they need Will.

The four girls set out to find her. Irma walks in on a fight between Will and Elyon at the pool. Elyon escapes and they are left to meet up with the other. They all meet at the entrance to the bookshop. Elyon appears and leads them into a labyrinth. Here they find Cedric and a herd of people. The girls maneage to stop Cedric, and in the process Vathek is beginning to doubt his loyalties.


Bill (1st)
Dean Collins
Hay Lin
Mr. Huggels
Mr. Olsen
Mrs. Rudolph
Phobos (1st)
Susan Vandom
Vera (1st)

Fun Details


This butterfly resembels a Morpho rhetenor which can be found in France and South Amercia. Some say that a blue butterfly is a wish granter.



Another hint from the artist that they may enjoy greek myths. This labyrinth may hint to the greek myth of the minotaur.




A small hint to those who have not seen it. In this comics Irma steals Taranees lunch. This takes place in the background while the others talk business.




Vathek has gotten himself a fancy smart watch to keep in contact with Cedric.





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