On the upcoming pages you will be able to read all you have to know about each of the witch girls and much more. First I will tell you a little of what witch is all about. This series came out in 2001, starting in Italy. It was created by Elisabetta Gnone.
It is a story about 5 very unique girls, who on a day like every other day, they discover that they can control the 4 elements. Will is the leader of the group, she holds the heart of Kandrakar. Irma is the guardian of the water. Taranee has fire as her element. Cornelia is bound with the earth, and last Hay Lin who is as swift as the air. Together they have a very special friendship, though they have their up and down, they still stand strong. At the same time they have to keep their other identity a secret from the outside world. That easy as it would sound however it isn’t for the girls.
It is not just a story of fantasy and magic. The girls also have to deal with everyday teenage problems. All have issues with boys, family and school. But as always witch manage to save the day.
They became W.I.T.C.H. after Hay Lin’s grandmother (a former guardian) gave them the Heart of Kandrakar. They began a long and dangerous journey. Though thy have made many friends, they have made just as many foes. They saw a friend sink into the darkness, and a dead guardian rise from the dead.


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