Here are some profiles on the boys in the girls live. All of these boys have some form of love relation to the girls. Not all however are both ways. There will be profiles on each of the boys, and a description on the relationship they have with the girls. Some of the girls have a more active love life than the other, so I have separated the boys so you can keep track on who is with which girl.



Matt: He is the love of Wills life. Though they have a lot of ups and downs, they are still going strong.



Andrew Hornby: The boy Irma was deeply in love with, and turned into a frog.

Martin: The biggest Irma fan ever, though Irma doesn’t have the same feelings they are still friends.

Sean: This guy is Matt’s cousin (he was in the planet boys special), and he had a crush on Irma, but she was not interested.

Joel: Irma and this guy were really close to having a relationship, but they never went all the way, now they are just really good friends.

Stephen: This is Irma’s current boyfriend, they have known each other since they were small.



Nigel: He was Taranee’s first boyfriend (that we know of), the was a sort of bad guy, after they broke up we haven’t heard from him.

Luca: Is a guy Taranee fancy, he goes to the same dancing school as her. He was also the reason she broke up with Nigel.

Hamza: This guy is a mystery. We know that they meet each other at a ski resort, and that they had a really good time, and may have some feelings for each other.



Peter: He is Cornelia’s current boyfriend, they have a nice, and down to earth relationship. He is also Taranee’s big brother.

Caleb: Is Cornelia’s first boyfriend, he was her prince charming, he is now feelings for her best friend Elyon.

Rick: Was a guy Cornelia meets at the Redstone Institute, who she couldn’t stand. He however fell very much in love with her.


Hay Lin

Eric: He is Hay’s first and current boyfriend, they have a cute a quiet relationship. They literally bumped into each other.



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