On the next pages you can read about the villains in the story. There will be if possible a story on how they became evil, and off cause a profile on the person. Many of the villains witch feels that they have been treated wrong by Kandrakar, and others just hunger for power. The profiles are going to be placed in a chronology order, so it will be a timeline of when witch first encountered them. It will off cause be updated as new villains are being introduced.


Phobos: He is the first really threat to witch and Kandrakar. He is the prince of Meridian and he will do anything to get more power.

Cedric: Is the right hand of Phobos, he did all the dirty work. He is hoping to get some power for him self.

Frost the Hunter: He was the hitman sent by Phobos to catch witch.

Nerissa: The old keeper of the heart how became insane when the heart was taken from her. She came back to life to get revenge.

Shagon the Hate: A slave of Nerissa, he was the second how got turned into a fake of the elements.

Khor the Destroyer: Another slave of Nerissa, he use to be a dog, but under Nerissas magic he was turned into a werewolf like creature.

Ember the Pain: She was made from the lava at the coffin where Nerissa was put to rest. She is the fake version of fire.

Tridart the Despair: He was made ice, and was the fake water. He is also made from the despair Nerissa felt in her prison.

Yua: She is a Banshee, she has the gift of given three wishes to person who captures her. Ari used this against her and made her a slave.

Raphael Sylla: He was a detective who was trying to reveal the girls secret powers.

Ludmoore: He was a author of a book about magic, and he was obsessed by power. He tried to get the heart from Will, by kidnapping Matt.   

Ragorlang: A creature controlled by Tecla Ibsen, it is a creature made to drain people of their magical powers.

Dark Mother: She use to be the goddess of earth, she gone bad and hungered for more power. She became dark mother.

Riddle: A mystical person who knew what the girls could do, and wanted it for him self, and he wanted it to go public.

Endarno: He was Phobos trying to get a come back, he managed to get the old oracle thrown of his post and replaced with him self.


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