Are you fairy or witch?


1. Your dreams are:

pumpkin In black and white

SpiderpngWrapped in blue smoke

broomIn color

2. Your amulet is:

pumpkin Has a nice fragrant


broom A gift that is precious to you

3. Which of these animal do you like best

pumpkin A blackbird

Spiderpng A stray dog

broom A gray cat

4. Your favorie number is:

pumpkin Even numbers plus 7 & 3

Spiderpng Odd numbers

broom Even numbers

5. Which of the following have you made happen

pumpkin You wished for it to rain and it did

Spiderpng You saved a friendship

broom You got the cutest guy

6. Your magic words:

pumpkin Only you understand their meaning

Spiderpng They are musical

broom It is a rhyme

7. In the dark…

pumpkin you concentrate on deciphering the shadows

Spiderpng you get inspired

broom you shake like crazy!

8. Where would you hide your spells:

pumpkin In the garden

Spiderpng Under your pillow

broom In your memory

9. Outside your school is a white horse. What do you think?

pumpkin White horse, I leave my fate to you

Spiderpng Wow, I would like to have that one

broom I have never seen anything more romantic

10. You cannot stand…

pumpkin If the broom touches your feet

Spiderpng Open windows at full moon

broom Pop quizzes on mondays



Check you answers here by clicking the one you got the most of








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