Where is your magic strongest


1. Do you fight with your friends often?

sunmoon Yes, with thoses you say one thing and then does another

butter Yes, and sometimes you feel like transforming them into frogs

frog No, nobody dares make you angry

 2. When you recieve a gift you don’t like. How do you react?

sunmoon Try to find the place it was bought so you can return it in secrecy

butter You have a hard time hiding your disappointment

frog You pretend you like it, then return it later

 3. Your favorite color is…

sunmoon Black – like the nights sky with no moonlight

butter Blue – like the sea

frog Red – like love

 4. When you see a picture of you from when you were smaller, you think…

sunmoon I haven’t changed that much

butter I have the same smile and the same strong stare

frog Is that really me?

 5. Do you alway keep your promises?

sunmoon Yes of course! A promise is a promise

butter Well you got your fingers crossed

frog You try but some times you forget

 6. Do you write a diary?

sunmoon Only when you have good things to write about

butter When you feel inspired

frog Every day and manily about the person you are in love with

 7. Does your hobby change often?

sunmoon No

butter Yes you like change

frog Only if you finde something new

 8. You answer messages…

sunmoon Right away so you don’t lose contact

butter When you know the text by heart

frog Only when you have time

 9. Concerning you hair color…

sunmoon You change it according to you style

butter You like your natural hair color

frog You wouldn’t mind changing it

 10. How does you friends describe you

sunmoon Energetic

butter Thoughtful

frog Attentive


Check you answers here by clicking the one you got the most of




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