Which element is yours?


1. How do you react to the cold?

db My hands are like ice

r I drink hot chocolate

lb I dress accordingly

g I look forward to my skiing holiday

 2. You close your eyes and think…

lb About garden filled with fountains

db About diving in the big sea among thousands of colorful fish

g About winning big in a volley ball match

r About getting the highest grades in school

 3. How would you most like to sleep?

db In complete silence and never without your pillow

g Doesn’t really matter as long as there is a bed

r Right after a nice bath

lb In the moonlight while crickets sing

 4. What do you think about when you are alone?

g I try to organize all the things I have to do

lb I relax and almost fall asleep

db My imagination flies

r I plan the future

 5. Do you have a lot of energy?

r You bet!

db Yes, but I sometimes waste it

lb Yes! I am always ready for something new

g I have goals but it takes time


Check you answers here by clicking the color you got the most of

db rg lb


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