Which element is yours – results

Most dark blue


Your element is water
Good sides: You have a good intuition, is sensitive and have a good memory.

Bad sides: You miss out because you are lazy sometimes

Help: Dress in light colors and a perfume with jasmine.

Most green


Your element is earth
Good sides: You are practical, organized and thoughtful.

Bad sides: You can be a bit pedantic.

Help: Use a soap with sandalwood and dress in dark yellow and brown. Sport is extra good for you.

Most light blue


Your element is air
Good sides: You are artistic, have a lot of energy and vitality.

Bad sides: You are often a little distracted.

Help: Do not let fashion dictate! Use a lotion with chamomile and run every now and then

Most red


Your element is fire
Good sides: You are stubborn and a very good leader.

Bad sides: You are sometimes too sure in your opinions that you do not let others speak.

Help: Use a spicy perfume and wear a red necklace.



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