Which is your magic place?


1. When you are alone in your room. What do you dream about?

test2 A romatic date

star An adventure

key Everything and nothing

Light The latest movie you have seen

2. When you day dream you are..

Light In an exotic land

key Home

test2 In a mystical house

star In a field filled with flowers

3. If you could make a spell, you would..

Light Make friendship with everyone you wish

star Turn your math teacher into a toad

key Make a trip around the world on a broom

test2 Become invisible

4. If you have to organize a trip, you choose

test2 A sunny and rather unreachable isle

star The mountains with journeys in the nature

key A boat trip

Light Farm holidays

5. At a party where you do not know anybody, you..

test2 Hide behind the tallest person, then escape

star Find the nicest people

key Draw attention to yourself

Light Try not to yawn with boredom

6. You are writing a book. The main character is..

test2 A young and friendly girl

star A very powerful witch

key A young victim of a spell

Light A superhero of the new millennium

7. If you could, you would change yourself into..

key An eagle

A dolphin

star A cat

test2 A butterfly

8. What would you never give up..

star Your schoolmates

key Your dance lessons, volley ball,..

Light TV and stereo

test2 Computer and mobile messaging

9. Which is for you the most striking sentence..

test2 Friendship above everything

star Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Light Seize the moment

key Now and always


Check you answers here by clicking the one you got the most of

test2 star Light  key



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